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Neoantigen vaccine immunogenicity (FluoroSpot)


One of our partner companies is developing adjuvants for e.g. neoantigen vaccinations. They performed an in vivo study in healthy mice treated with the model antigen OVA (ovalbumin) peptide +/- adjuvant to evaluate if their adjuvant candidate results in an improved immunogenicity against OVA peptide.


Splenocytes were isolated from whole spleens of vaccinated mice and challenged with OVA peptide to quantify IFN-γ secreting splenocytes by FluoroSpot.


A clear and expected increase in number of IFN-γ secreting splenocytes was shown for mice vaccinated with OVA peptide and adjuvant as compared to OVA peptide alone. These quantitative data enabled a decision to perform a subsequent neoantigen vaccination study in healthy and tumor bearing mice.

fluorospot, GLP, ovalbumin, preclinical

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