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About us

As a CRO, Immune Analytics offers immune monitoring services with a strong focus on the analysis of preclinical and clinical samples by EliSpot or FluoroSpot supported by a range of other methods like ELISA, flow cytometry and immune arrays. With a dedicated team of scientists, project manager and QA colleagues, Immune Analytics is specialized in the realization of projects with a high degree of assay customization.

Besides the excellent scientific and technical competence, Immune Analytics operates according to international regulatory requirements of preclinical (GLP) and clinical studies (GCLP). Immune Analytics also offers competent support for your research and development projects in the field of immunology.


Immune Analytics is backed by the longstanding experience of the AID group in development and manufacturing of EliSpot kits, readers and analysis software. Offices and laboratories are located on the premises of the AID headquarters in Strassberg, Germany.

You are on the spot!

Please contact us to clarify your questions and equipment requirements. If you are interested, our service unit will gladly advise you in detail about preceding feasibility tests and the following procedure.

As the bacSpot systems can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, we also offer to discuss individual solutions with you in the group of experts in Strassberg during an on-site demonstration (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).


AID Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH
Ebinger Straße 4
D-72479 Straßberg

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